Why did you come this way???

I love seperate realities, now that I know what they are, I see them, I play with them and enjoy them, but i’d like to share my favourite – journeys in the car. You know, 2 partners sat next to eachother in both front seats, both drivers, and then you hear those magic words from the passenger; “Why did you come this way?” Usually with a hint of criticism, some impatience, and large dollop of implication that you’ve gone the WRONG way.

Right now, I live in a town that my husband grew up in, I’ve lived and driven in the town for 5 years, he’s done it for nearly 40 years, so where I have constructed my own map and it has lots of gaps, deep in his head there is a mental map of the best way to get everywhere, so almost every time we are in the town and i’m driving, I hear these magic words.

But you see I used to live in London, where one Sunday on the tube I finally realised that its not the distance that takes the time – it’s the number of stops, and I kind of apply that to my driving routes, delibrately chosing routes with less junctions. (Also before that I learned to drive in Swindon, and well lets just say “roundabouts” and you’ll know where I’m coming from)

So who is right? The tried and tested “best” route, the route with least junctions? Who knows. But it is funny how each of us seem to have a “right way” default, but its only ever our right way, other people have their own right ways too – so whose is right? Are are we all? Can we all be right in our own seperate realities?

But really, we’re in Stranraer, so really none of this matters at all anyway. The wrong route can only ever add a couple of extra minutes onto a journey, so being “right” doesn’t really matter in my reality, except maybe if I want to have a smile, and play with it a litte 😉



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